Trump Protest Rally NYC 1.15.17

Today a group of dedicated TRO'ers got together in NYC and protested the incoming Trump administration, its statements of hate and division, and its nominees and future policies.  This was our first in-person protest and rally.  Below are some pics taken from the event.  More actions in our 20in20 every day this week leading [...]

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Opposition Rally at Trump Tower – 1/15

TRO members & friends: Next Sunday is the day: At 12pm TRO will  hold our first demonstration against the incoming administration and Republican majority Congress and what they represent: oppression, tyranny and the elimination  of fundamental rights. Plan to gather outside of the Apple Store at 5th Avenue and 59th Street at 11:30. We will [...]

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Letter to the Community

TRUTH. RESISTANCE. OPPOSITION. A Grassroots Movement Poised To Challenge Anti-Democratic Actions And Authoritarian Intentions Of The 45th President Of The United States   TO ALL CONCERNED CITIZENS WHO SUPPORT DEMOCRACY:   Truth Resistance Opposition (TRO), formed in the wake of the 2016 election, will serve as a portal for like-minded people to collaborate [...]

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Welcome to the Resistance

This is where we'll be posting our latest news, press releases, and stories about TRO.  Check back regularly to see what we're up to.  Thanks for checking in with Truth. Resistance. Opposition.

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